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Conference Day 1 : 5 June 2017 (Mon)      
Opening Ceremony
Keynote 1: Mr Matthew CHEUNG Kin-chung, Chief Secretary for Administration, Government of the HKSAR
Keynote 2: Mr SU Yunshan, Director-General, Department of Science & Technology and Energy Saving on Buildings, Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, People’s Republic of China
Coffee Break
Keynote 3: Ms Christiana FIGUERES, Vice-chair, Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy
Platinum Sponsor's Sharing - Mr Sean CHIAO, President, Asia Pacific, AECOM
Networking Luncheon
Parallel Session 1
Session 1.1: Mainland China Session - The Comprehensive Scheme on Green Retrofitting and Performance Enhancement of the Existing Buildings in China

Session Organiser: China Academy of Building Research

Session Chair:
Director, Division of Science and Technology, China Academy of Building Research

The Roadmap on the Development of Comprehensive Scheme on Green Retrofitting and Performance Enhancement of Existing Buildings in China

Director, Division of Science and Technology, China Academy of Building Research

The Appropriate Technologies and Practical Case Study on Green Retrofitting the Residential Dwellings in the Severe Cold Climatic Zone in China

JIANG Yiqiang
Professor, School of Municipal and Environmental Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology

The Appropriate Technologies and Case Studies on Green Retrofitting the Healthcare Facilities in China

DI Yanqiang
Head of Division, Division of Construction Technologies, China Building Technique Group Co., Ltd.

The Case Studies and Technology Advancements on Green Retrofitting the Office Buildings in China

Deputy Head, Division of Research and Development, China Academy of Building Research

The Study of Energy Efficiency and Retro-Commissioning for Existing Large-scale Public Buildings

ZHU Neng
Professor, School of Environmental Science and Engineering, Tianjin University

Session 1.2: Regional Session - Czech Republic, Italy, Sweden and Switzerland

Session Chair:
François BAILLON
Board member, SBE series; Senior Adviser, FIDIC; Treasurer, Business and Climate Summit Association; Founder, Ideagrama Consultant

SBE16 Prague

Czech Technical University in Prague, University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings, Czech Republic

SBE16 Torino

Andrea MORO
President, iiSBE Italia, Italy

SBE16 Malmö

Lund University, Sweden

SBE16 Zurich

Guillaume HABERT
Professor, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Session 1.3: Advanced Building Elements

Filter Facade

Ferdinand OSWALD
Institute of Architecture Technology, Graz University of Technology, Austria

The Impact of Double Skin Façade on the Energy Consumption of Office Buildings under the Tropical Brazilian Climate

Kenneth IP
Principal Lecturer, University of Brighton, United Kingdom

Climate-Adaptive and Optimized Building Envelope Designs in East Asia

Kevin WAN
Engineer, Arup, Hong Kong SAR

Folded Cardboard Sandwiches for Load-bearing Architectural Components

Stephan SCHÜTZ
Research Assistant, Architect, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, Germany

Multistorey Frame System for Energy Efficient Buildings

Vlastimil BILEK
ZPSV a.s., Uhersky Ostroh, Czech Republic

Session 1.4: Practices Review of High-Performance Green Buildings

When will Hong Kong Build its First Passive House? - Concepts and Case Studies around Asia Show Great Possibilities for Energy Savings

Senior Expert, Sustainable Construction, BASF, Hong Kong SAR

Insights into Green Hotels: Case Studies

Principal, TURKECO Consulting, Turkey

Building Energy Efficiency in Hong Kong: Case Study of a Commercial Building with BEAM Plus Provisional Platinum Rating (Existing Buildings)

POON Ka-man
Business Environment Council Ltd., Hong Kong SAR

An Elemental Approach for Predicting Embodied Carbon of Office Buildings

Srinath PERERA
Professor of Built Environment & Construction Management, Western Sydney University, Australia

Exploring Risks and Rewards Associated with High Performance Manufactured Buildings

Karlson Charles HARGROVES
Senior Research Fellow, Curtin University, Australia

Session 1.6: Innovations Driving for Greener Policies and Standards - Microclimate

The Potential of Applying Local Climate Zone for the Sustainable Planning in Urban Built Environment

CHEN Yu-cheng
Department of Architecture, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan

Building Envelopes and their Impact on Our Urban Thermal Environment

MAING Minjung
The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR

Urban Geometry and Wind Simulation Studies for Comfort in Bangkok Street Canyon

Pattaranan TAKKANON
Professor, Kasetsart University, Thailand

Research of Urban Heat Island (UHI) in Shenzhen Based on Climatic Design and Urban Planning Strategies

YU Wenjuan
Sustainable Design Assistant, Ronald Lu and Partners (Hong Kong) Ltd., Hong Kong SAR

Influence of Moving Vehicles on Pollutant Dispersion in Street Canyon – A Numerical Study

ZHANG Wenjing
Division of Building Science and Technology, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR

Session 1.7: Vision-led Sustainable Neighborhoods: Myths and Musts

Session Organiser: AECOM

Session Chair:
WONG Chi-chung
Executive Vice President, Asia; Global Head, Chinese Overseas Investment (COI) Program, AECOM, Hong Kong SAR

Albert KB CHAN
Director of Development Planning & Design, Shui On Land

Dr Belinda YUEN
Professorial Fellow and Research Director, Lee Kuan Yew Centre for Innovative Cities, Singapore University of Technology and Design, Singapore

Principal and Director of Sustainable Development, Design and Planning, AECOM, United States of America

Raymond LEE
Director of Planning, Planning Department, Government of the HKSAR

Session 1.8: Innovations for Occupant Wellbeing (1)

Research and Development of Noise Mitigation Measures for Public Housing Development in Hong Kong

John HL HO
Chief Civil Engineer, Hong Kong Housing Authority, Government of the HKSAR, Hong Kong SAR

Estimating Typhoon Haiyan's Wind Speeds Using Windicators and Post-Storm Wind Vulnerability Analysis on the Affected Areas

Joshua AGAR
Civil Engineer, University of Philippines Diliman, Philippines

Outdoor Lighting Quality and Glare Rating Evaluation of Night-time Community Parks

KUO Poyen
Associate Professor, Department of Architecture, Chaoyang University of Technology, Taiwan

Better Places for People: Health and Wellbeing Measurement Methods in Workplaces

Architect – Institutional and Governmental Relations Coordinator, Green Building Council Brazil, Brazil

Development of a Home Indoor and Outdoor Environment Visualization System

Professor, Kogakuin University, Japan

Session 1.10: Green Infrastructure in SBE - Hong Kong Cases

Implementing the Beautification and Sustainable Designs for the Harbour Area Treatment Scheme (HATS) Stage 2A

Andrew LAI
Resident Engineer, Arup, Hong Kong SAR

Building Water Resilience in Sustainable Neighbourhoods: A Progressive Shift in Hong Kong

Edmond WF LIU
Senior Engineer, Water Supplies Department, Government of the HKSAR, Hong Kong SAR

Integrating Water Management Facilities into The Built Environment - A Smart Green Resilient Approach

Kenneth KWOK
Associate Director, Arup, Hong Kong SAR

Driving Innovations For Green Infrastructure Components

Nicholas AU
Hong Kong Housing Authority, Government of the HKSAR, Hong Kong SAR

Sustainable Engineering Practices in Landslip Prevention and Mitigation Works in Hong Kong

Patrick HO Ho-man
Geotechnical Engineer, Civil Engineering and Development Department, Government of the HKSAR, Hong Kong SAR

Session 1.11: Processes, Design, Tools and Methodologies in SBE (1)

Does the Sequence Matter? - Investigating the Impact of the Order of Design Decisions on the Life Cycle Performance

Researcher, Bauhaus-University Weimar, Germany

Rethinking Architectural Passive Cooling Strategies in New Zealand’s Non-residential Building Stock

Doctoral Candidate, School of Architecture, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

Building in Existing Contexts – Densification

Associate Professor, Associate Chair, Department of Architectural Science, Ryerson University, Canada

Problems and Prospects of Urban Compaction–A Case of Jaipur City

Urban Planner, Malaviya National Institute of Technology Jaipur, India

Where Planning Regulations and Development Practice Collide; the Multi-storey Apartment Building in SubTropical Brisbane Australia

Rosemary Jean KENNEDY
Queensland University of Technology, Australia

Session 1.12: Regenerating Urban Space in Neighbourhoods

Cultivating a Village Impulse in the Midst of Warsaw, the Jazdów Settlement of Finnish Houses

Senior Lecturer, Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Poland

Productive Transforming of the Urban Traffic Space

Tianjin University, Mainland China

Nature-based Urban Space Transformation

Kristin BARBEY
Lecturer, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany

Historic Relationship Between Urban Dwellers and the Tomebamba River

M. Augusta HERMIDA
Professor, Universidad de Cuenca, Ecuador

Transformation from River Channelisation to River Revitalisation

Richard LEUNG Wah-ming
Senior Engineer, Drainage Services Department, Government of the HKSAR, Hong Kong SAR

Session 1.13: Healthy and Sustainable Building for Resilient Future

Session Organiser: Link Asset Management Ltd. / Nan Fung Development Ltd

Session Chair:
Chris KWAN
Senior Project Manager, Project & Planning, Link Asset Management Ltd., Hong Kong SAR

Green Buildings - The Foundation for Sustainable Development

Calvin Lee KWAN
General Manager- Sustainability, Link Asset Management Ltd., Hong Kong SAR

Nan Fung's Corporate Initiative for New and Revitalization Development

Samuel WONG
Deputy General Manager, Project Dpt., Nan Fung Development Ltd., Hong Kong SAR

Leading Edge Trend for Resilient Future Building Design

Vincent CHENG
Director of Building Sustainability, Arup, Hong Kong SAR

Exemplar Next Generation Commercial Development - NKIL6512

Director, P&T Architects and Engineers Ltd., Hong Kong SAR

Alvin LO
Associate Director of Building Sustainability, Arup, Hong Kong SAR

Coffee Break
Roundtable 1: Emerging Perspectives for Transforming the Build Environment

Session Chair: Prof. Thomas LÜTZKENDORF, Director, Centre for Real Estate; Head of Chair, Sustainable Management of Housing and Real Estate, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany

  1. Ar. TAI Lee-siang, Chair, WorldGBC
  2. Prof. WANG Youwei, Chairman, China Green Building Council
  3. Prof. Serge SALAT, President, Urban Morphology and Complex Systems Institute, France
  4. Prof. Arno SCHLUETER, Professor, Architecture and Building Systems ETH Zurich; Principal Investigator, Future Cities Laboratory, Singapore ETH Centre
  5. Ar. Bryant LU, Vice Chairman, Ronald Lu and Partners (Hong Kong) Ltd., Hong Kong SAR
Parallel Session 2
Session 2.1: Mainland China Session - Green Building Design and Technological Challenges of Eco Skyscraper in China

Session Organiser: Shanghai Research Institute of Building Sciences

Session Chair:
XU Qiang
Chief Engineer, Shanghai Research Institute of Building Sciences (Group) Co., Ltd.

Evaluation of Green Skyscraper Buildings in China

Deputy Director, Center for Science and Technology & Industrialization Development, Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the P.R. China (MOHURD)

Energy Saving Potential of Air-conditioning System with Low-Grade Energy Bus in Skyscrapers

LI Xianting
Professor, School of Architecture, Tsinghua University

In Pursuit of Excellence: Sustainable High-performance Skyscrapers

Director, East China Architectural Design and Research Institute

Green Design and Facility Management Systems in Shanghai Tower

YANG Jianrong
Deputy Director, Shanghai Research Institute of Building Sciences (SRIBS)

Session 2.2: Regional Session – Turkey, Greece, Malta and Egypt

Session Chair:
Secretary General, International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction

SBE16 Istanbul

Secretary General, Türkiye İMSAD- Association of Turkish Construction Material Producers

SBE16 Thessaloniki

Associate Professor, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

SBE16 Malta

Ruben Paul BORG
University of Malta

SBE16 Cairo

Architecture Program, German University Cairo, Egypt

Session 2.3: Advanced Building Systems

Remarkable Energy Retrofit for Existing Buildings by Advanced Fan Technology: Electronically Commutated Motor Plug Fan

Isaac TSANG Siu-chung
Assistant Building Services Manager, Swire Properties Ltd., Hong Kong SAR

Low Temperature Radiant Cooling Design and Application in Tropical/ Sub-Tropical Countries

Paul CHAN Yim-cheong
Director, Wong & Ouyang (Building Services) Ltd., Hong Kong SAR

Hybrid Air-conditioning System Efficiency for Districts in the Tropics

HSIEH Shanshan
Future Cities Laboratory, Singapore ETH Center, Singapore; Chair of Architecture and Building Systems, ETH Zurich, Switzerland; Industrial Process and Energy Systems Engineering Group, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Switzerland

Evaluation of Saving Energy with SOFC and Battery Combined System

Takeshi SASE
Cooperative Researcher, Building Research Institute, Japan

Session 2.4: Policies for High-Performance Green Buildings (1)

Demystifying and Democratizing The Energy Use Conversation to Support The Net-Zero Challenge

Birgit SIBER
Diamond Schmitt Architects, Canada

Rowan Williams Davies & Irwin Inc.

Building Energy Saving Strategy in Hong Kong -

CHIU Chun-ting
Electrical and Mechanical Services Department, Government of the HKSAR, Hong Kong SAR

How Sustainable Are the Quality Control Procedures for Constructions in Europe?

Senior Researcher, TU Delft / Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, The Netherlands

Policy Scenarios of Zero Carbon Building for Hong Kong: To Survive or To Lead?

The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR

A Discussion on the Benefits of Environment Performance of the Promotion of Kaohsiung Green Building Specialties Policy

CHAO Chien-chiao
Director General, Bureau of Public Works, Kaohsiung City Government, Taiwan

Session 2.5: SBE Assessments – Green Neighbourhoods (2)

Value Management as a Tool for Delivering Sustainable Rail Projects

Clinton Ohis AIGBAVBOA
University of Johannesburg, South Africa

Calculation Methodology of GHG Emissions from a Low Carbon Urban Development in an Underdevelopment Country – Case Study from a LEED ND Certified project in São Paulo City/Brazil.

Maria Carolina FUJIHARA
Green Building Council Brasil, Brazil; University of São Paulo, Brazil

A Stakeholder-based Assessment Model (SAM) for Resource-efficiency Measures in the Construction Industry

Richard Carl MÜLLER
Research Assoicate, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany; Institute for Industrial Production, Germany

Comparative Rich-Picture-Diagram for Assessment of Building Sustainability Labels

Sasha Nikolaus CISAR
Chair of Sustainable Construction, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

More Than Green: The DGNB Certification System for Sustainable Buildings and Districts

Prof. Thomas AUER
Managing Director & Founder, Transsolar; Profeesor, Building Technology and Climate Responsive Design, Technical University of Munich, Germany

Session 2.6: Innovations Driving for Greener Policies and Standards – Carbon Assessment

Building Carbon Footprint (BCF) Method for Nearly Zero-Energy Building Design Assessment

CHAO Yu-chan
Assistant Professor, Feng Chia University, Taiwan

Integrated Residential Household Energy Consumption and GHG Emissions Modelling at Metropolitan Scale

Melbourne School of Design, University of Melbourne, Australia

Building Life Cycle Carbon Emissions: A Review

The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR

How Carbon Metric Standard Could Facilitate Innovation for Reduction of GHG Emission from Buildings?

Tomonari YASHIRO
The University of Tokyo, Japan

Climate Action Planning Strategies for Achieving Carbon Neutrality and Net Zero Campus Operation

Director of Sustainability & Energy, Legat Architects, United States of America

Session 2.7: Deep Energy Saving and Other Innovative Green Measures for Commercial Buildings in Hong Kong, Mainland China and Overseas

Session Organiser: Swire Properties Ltd.

Session Chair:
Benny AU
Sustainable Development Manager, Swire Properties Ltd., Hong Kong SAR

Sustainability Strategies on Deep Energy Saving and Energy Management of Property Developer

Dr Raymond YAU
General Manager, Technical Services & Sustainable Development, Swire Properties Ltd.

Overview of Building Energy Efficiency in China and the Upcoming Trend

WEI Qingpeng
Building Energy Research Center, Tsinghua University, Beijing

Cost & Value: Multiple Benefits of Green Commercial Buildings in Western Countries

Chair Architectural Science, Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff University, United Kingdom; Visiting Research Professor, Faculty of Architecture, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR

YKK80 High Efficiency Building - Radiant Control Both Outside and Inside

General Manager, M&E Design Department of NIKKEN SEKKEI, Japan

Performance Synergy from Integrated Design, Construction and Operation. Case Study on a High Performance Grade A Office - Swire One Taikoo Place

Vincent CHENG
Director of Building Sustainability, Arup, Hong Kong SAR

Session 2.8: Innovations for Occupant Wellbeing (2)

Outdoor to Indoor Air Quality in Urban Environment

Alexis LAU Kai-hon
Professor, Division of Environment, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong SAR

Redesigning Long-Term Senior Care: Design Solutions to Facilitate Different Levels of Care Needs in Senior Housing - Using Hong Kong's Latest Senior Housing as Example

Ar. Bryant LU
Vice Chairman, Ronald Lu and Partners (Hong Kong) Ltd., Hong Kong SAR

Occupant-Related Energy Use: a Qatar Office Case Study

Chimay J. ANUMBA
Dean & Professor, University of Florida, United States of America

Purifying City Air in Densely Urban Environment

Associate & East Asia Energy Skill Leader, Arup, Hong Kong SAR

A Healthy and Sustainable Living Environment – LOHAS

Building Sustainability Consultant, Arup, Taiwan

Session 2.9: Practices & Methodologies for Green Building Management (2)

Green + Smart Buildings

Managing Director, JLL, Canada; 2030 Districts

Challenges in Realizing Green Building Concepts in Trade and Industry Tower

Joanna WAI
Senior Project Manager, Architectural Services Department, Government of the HKSAR, Hong Kong SAR

Daniel NG
Contract Manager, Guardian Property Management Limited, Hong Kong SAR

The Perceptible Impacts of Building Envelope on Other Green Building Features: “A Review”

Salisu Gidado DALIBI
Business School of Hohai University Nanjing, Mainland China

Investigating Critical Safety Performance Factors in Green Building Construction Projects: The Case of Singapore

Research Fellow, National University of Singapore, Singapore

Green Interior Renovation by Architectural Services Department

Vetus LAU
Director, Llewelyn Davies Hong Kong Ltd., Hong Kong SAR

Session 2.10: Transforming SBE Practices – Energy Management (1)

Development of an Integrated Energy Simulation Tool for Buildings and MEP Systems, the BEST - A Pilot Study on Simulation of Demand Response with Cogeneration Systems

Acting General Manager, Energy Strategy Planning Department, Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd., Japan

Driving Ultimate Building Performance through Smart E&M Systems for Sustainable Built Environment

TAI Tak-him
Deputy Director / Trading Services, Electrical and Mechanical Services Department, Government of the HKSAR, Hong Kong SAR

A Case Study to Automate Demand Response on a University Campus

Thomas Mark LAWRENCE
University of Georgia, United States of America

Short-term Load Forecasting Model with Predicted Weather Data

ZHU Guangya
City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR

Session 2.11: Processes, Design, Tools and Methodologies in SBE (2)

Decision Making in the Pre-design Stage of Building Renovation Projects

Aalborg University, Denmark; University College of Northern Denmark, Denmark

A Holistic Thriving Design Approach

Dennis LEE
Managing Director, ARCHITECTURE:INNOVATIV Ltd., Hong Kong SAR

Fostering Sustainable Buildings in Indonesia by Foreign Developer for Resilience

Dennis MUI Heung-fu
(former) Assistant Project Director, Pacific Century Premium Developments Ltd., Hong Kong SAR

Reconsidering the Design of High-rise Mass Housing in Tropical Climates – A Case Study in Malaysia

GAN Hock-beng
G&A Architect, Malaysia

FOO Chee-hung
Researcher, Construction Research Institute of Malaysia, Malaysia

Embodied Energy Versus Building Height, The “Premium” of Building Tall

Rolf André BOHNE
The Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

Session 2.13: Powering Up Smart City

Session Organiser: CLP Power Hong Kong Ltd.

Powering Up for Brighter Tomorrows

Senior Director – Customer & Business Development, CLP Power (Hong Kong) Ltd., Hong Kong SAR

Big Data Era for Building Management

General Manager, Technical Services, Airport Authority Hong Kong

Smart Power Control for Peak Load Compensation

Clement WONG
Head of Facility Management Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation

How Hong Kong to be a Data Centre Hub in Asia in the Next Decade

Charles LEE
Founder and CEO OneAsia Network Limited & Newtech Technology Co Ltd.

Session 2.14: Sustainability Assessment of Buildings as Part of Green-Public Procurement Based on the German BNB-System

Session Organiser: Division Sustainable Building, Federal Institute for Research on Building, Urban Affairs and Spatial Development (BBSR), Germany

Session Chair:
Director, Centre for Real Estate; Head of Chair, Sustainable Management of Housing and Real Estate, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany

The Assessment System for Sustainable Building BNB by Taking the Example of the Complete Refurbishment BNB Module for Educational Buildings

Federal Institute for Research on Building, Urban Affairs and Spatial Development (BBSR), Germany

Sustainable Building Assessment System for Research- and Laboratory buildings - Austrian and Swiss Perspective on the BNB Applicability

Alexander PASSER
Assistant Professor, Graz University of Technology, Austria

Natural Resources and Sustainability

Ziegert Roswag Seiler Architekten

PL·E·N·AR Planning Aid for Energy Efficient and Sustainable Architecture

sol·id·ar planungswerkstatt, Germany

Panel Discussion

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